Dr. Wilfred van Gorp, Ph.D.: Chicago’s Jeremy Quinn is Food and Wine Top Sommelier of 2012

Longtime wine aficionado Wilfred Van Gorp, PhD, is no stranger to the national wine scene.  As the director for the Center for Cognitive Assessment in Chicago, Dr. Wilfred Van Gorp shares the city with some of the nation’s finest sommeliers, including Jeremy Quinn, who recently was recognized by Food and Wine as a top sommelier of 2012.

A champion of naturally produced wine from small, family-owned wineries, Jeremy Quinn was introduced to wine as a teenager while on academic sabbatical in Paris. He is most well-known in the Chicago area for developing the wine list for Webster Wine Bar, as well as the Bluebird and Telegraph restaurants. Food and Wine magazine selected Quinn as a top sommelier because of his enthusiasm for natural, European wines. According to Quinn, wines made without chemicals lead connoisseurs to discover new flavors in previously understood terroirs. More information about Quinn and the Telegraph restaurant can be found online at telegraphchicago.com.