Wilfred van Gorp: Testing for Autism

Wilfred van Gorp, Ph.D., is an expert in evaluating and testing individuals for neuropsychological conditions. Prior to his work as director of the Center for Cognitive Assessment, a leading cognitive testing center, Dr. Wilfred van Gorp headed the neuropsychological testing programs at several leading universities. He is certified by the American Board of Professional Psychology and has expert-level knowledge of many different conditions, including autism.

Autism, a developmental disorder that affects communication and social skills, is frequently misunderstood. In order to diagnose it properly and to manage autistic behavior, it is important to have the individual tested at a recognized autism-testing facility. The degree of autism can range from mild to severe, and different individuals present autism in different ways.

Some of the more common indications of autism are weak verbal and nonverbal communication skills and social difficulties. Other indications include an unwillingness to be touched or held and intolerance for change. Since autism is so frequently misdiagnosed, the testing center’s expertise is particularly important.