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Wilfred Van Gorp – Neuropsychology Services Offer Learning to Students

As a former faculty member, Wilfred Van Gorp, PhD, knows that the department of psychiatry at Columbia University is one of the largest in the United States, with a breadth of research, clinical, and educational resources. Today, the department faculty includes over 400 members with specialization in varied fields. Two faculty members earned recent recognition as Nobel Prize laureates for their work in neuroscience.

Dr. Wilfred Van Gorp directed the neuropsychology program during his tenure at Columbia University. One component of this program is its clinical neuropsychology service, which provides comprehensive assessment of an individual’s current cognitive functioning and prior levels of functioning prior to onset of a disease or symptoms. These evaluations are relevant when a person has a condition, such as Alzheimer’s or a traumatic brain injury, which may impair his or her cognitive functioning. Younger individuals may receive a neuropsychological assessment if they display poor or reduced school functioning, which may be attributable to Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or other conditions.

These assessments provide a hands-on learning experience for Columbia University’s medical students and residents. Clinical neuropsychology services are available at Columbia University Medical Center.