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Basic Steps of Winemaking

wine-making-grapes-growing-01Wilfred Van Gorp, PhD, is a world-renowned clinician and educator in the field of neuropsychology. As an adjunct professor at Argosy University, New York Medical College, and Fordham University’s Department of Psychology, Dr. Wilfred Van Gorp shares nearly 30 years of experience and expertise with students and colleagues alike. When not in the classroom, Dr. Van Gorp is a wine enthusiast who enjoys tasting different types of wines.

Harvesting – When grapes ripen, usually in August or September, winemakers taste the grapes in order to measure the sugar content and to determine when to harvest the grapes. Harvested grapes are then put into bins and sent to the winery to be crushed. For white wines, the seeds and skin are removed when crushed; however, with red wines, the seeds and skin remain.

Fermentation – Fermentation occurs when the yeast starts to process the sugars found in the juice. To encourage fermentation, winemakers may add a yeast culture to the juice produced by the grapes, or they can allow the wine to ferment naturally.

Aging – After fermentation, the wine is stored in tanks or oak barrels for aging. The oak allows for additional flavors to be imparted to the wine. Wines should be allowed to age anywhere from a few months to a few years.